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Politicians – pull it together (3am)

Right, we’ve got the referendum result and now you politicians are facing the biggest battle of your lives, what this means for Britain. If you haven’t noticed, the country is tearing itself apart. People against people, culture against culture, politician against politician.

And now I say to you, get it together.

Whether you are red, yellow, green or one of the other colours it is now time, time to unite with one common message that we will rebuild, stand as one for immigrants, expose the lies of the conservatives. Don’t be proud and say we’d rather fight on our own than with one another, get over it. This kind of division is exactly why there is division in the country, if you can’t work together then how can we.

If you can’t decide on a common leader, maybe your ideology has become so different it is time to to start a new political party. Or if you’re party has fallen then maybe you need to regain the trust of the voters.

You need to block the message of the vile right wing.

You need to be on the ground and stop being faceless, going into uncomfortable situations to tell people what has been going on. Not enough housing has been built, there hasn’t been enough investment in the North, this is not the time to be letting things slip, this is the time to get the message out and shout about what is right.


#hopenothate #getittogether #standtogether



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