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Brexit: the aftermath

Utterly devastated. I am broken right now.

Years of uncertainty await. My hopes and dreams seem to have drifted that bit further away and perhaps out of reach.

But as people who care for this great country we must all help to keep our heads above water. Most of us will survive, just, but we must support those who will be most affected. The vulnerable, the poor, those who will lose jobs. We must shine a light on things that we think are wrong.

One thing that has come out of this is that I’m not scared anymore to scream “I am a socialist” I care about people, I want the best for everyone and believe everyone can be the best they can be.

“Socialism” It’s been a dirty word for so long, it’s the kid bullied at school, but, we have to grow up now and fight to make Britain Great, to make her accepting and caring of everyone.




Also; for all those people saying “at least the arm chair politicians will shut up now”
1) you can unfollow or unfriend me if you don’t want to hear about politics.
2) I’m posting things because I care, I have an opinion, I don’t just “come here for the memes”. Social media is what you make of it, it is your own space to express yourself. People used to debate politics in pubs, now they do it here.
3) we should be talking about politics more, not less. We have become disengaged and that is one of the reasons a lot of people were so undecided coming into this referendum and didn’t/don’t know a lot about Europe. I know politics isn’t the cool kid, it’s not the done thing to talk about it, but don’t criticise people for caring about something and voicing an opinion. I don’t say this about all the wine memes, motivational posts or uni lad posts because that’s your space to share what you want to share.

Right, rant over.


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