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At 4am I was thinking: Dear Brexiters and the indifferent

Something I was thinking about last night (about 4am):

Dear Brexiters and the indifferent.

Please bear with us bremainers at this time, a lot of you are celebrating for something you believe in, while in the same breath we are mourning the loss of something dear to us. I know that sounds strong, but for me it is that profound. I’ve lost something that I believed in, something that I felt was part of my identity has been torn away, and that is hard to accept.

So, some of us are angry, some of us are sad, some of us are in denial, some of us are frustrated, some of us are very worried about the future and some of us, rightly or wrongly, are using social media to express this, and that is freedom of speech.

It’s going to take time before we can shake hands and move on, and we will, we will have to, there is going to be a lot of work to do to rebuild.

But in the meantime bremainers, I urge you, to not use decisive language, be angry, but don’t blame, blame is what has got us here, don’t label people or call them names, that is what has got us here, don’t subdue or belittle opinion, that is what has got us here. Everyone has the right their opinion, we live in a free democratic society, channel that anger into the fight we have ahead of us, to keep the country safe and stable. We are stronger together.

#hopenothate #bremainer

Sooz x


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