A Poem for Jo Cox MP

As I sit and write,
My heart is pounding,
My knees are weak,
My vision blurry,
And I can’t help think,
I didn’t know this woman, yet,
My eyes are welling up from sadness,
That she has been taken away by such madness.

And, yet, if she had a different face,
Would the country be mourning in the same way,
Every death caused by fury,
stirred up by people with their own agenda
should be treated with the same reverence, the same pain.
Maybe, then, we can change,
and swap, empathy and compassion,
for fury, fear and rage.

But not to detract from,
the tragedy,
the pain,
Children who have lost their mother,
and a husband, a wife.
For which life,
will never be the same.

And please  let her not be used for political gain,
For she was a true politician,
There for the people,
And not, for the fame.

If we are to honour her in any way,
I believe it is to listen,
To one and others opinion,
And be prepared to change position,
Or disagree with respect and not violence and oppression.
To accept each other for who we are and work together,
To feel empathy and compassion,
To never let this happen,
To anyone, anywhere,
Ever again.

The speeches of Jo Cox MPhttp://myparliament.info/Member/4375/Speeches

Jo Cox MP – http://www.jocox.org.uk

Jo Cox - first speech

http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/00871386-3032-4bda-bfe5-7af41437696e?in=17:35:36&out=17:42:43 )





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