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WWE – what are they wearing.

Completely different from the political post, here’s the start of my WWE – What are they wearing? blog posts. (Warning spoilers)

I admit it, I watch the Wrestling, and I enjoy it! But I am know for shouting at the screen at the fashion of the various wrestlers, what are they wearing I cry, so i’ve decided to start writing about it.

A note: It is fascinating how the fashion of a wrestler creates and defines them, like a costume in theatre the attention to detail often shows how dedicated they are to their character and also makes you ask which bits are the character, and which bits are them!

Extreme Rules – May 2016

Jericho – an interesting choice, it occurred to me, while watching Jericho saunter down to the ring like a swaggering 90’s rock star, doning that ridiculous, tiny scarf. The outfit, I think, makes it look like he’s forgotten something, a shirt, a waiscoat, a jacket. But no jeans, with his supports over them and that scrawny little scarf! A slight change to his normal wrestling atire of shorts and little else. Was the new look to emphasise his douchary? I was soon to find out.

I love Jericho’s shouts of how much his clothing, not least his dazzling “$15,000” LED adorned jacket and his “$750” scarf. Jericho’s clothes and jacket gate, along with the potted plant Mitch, were the final catalyst in the build up to the asylum match.

By comparison, Ambroses look is similar, jeans and a black vest top that is often removed during a match, much to the delight of some members of the crowd. The way he tweaks it, wet hair rather that the boufant that Jericho wears, the lack of visable supports makes him look stronger and his scruffiness compared to Jericho makes us feel like he is down to earth, more like us, a little crazier.

The match itself, was in my opinion, too long and lacked a little pace. The PG days of the WWE are here and most of the match was comedic by comparison to the Triple H/ Mick Foley match I had watched recently, “You want the mop!” Jericho yells. Some good punches were thrown. However, much to my surprise the match took a swerve . I wondered why Jericho was wearings Jeans I said to myself as Dean Ambrose produces a bag of, wait what is it, a snake? “no it’s a velvet bag, that  must mean one thing” Tim (my other half) yells. Glistening thumb tacks hit the floor “Shades of Foley” JBL cries as we all try to work out who’s going in them, by the law of opposite momentum we all conclude that it must be Ambrose going in them, but Jericho’s wearing jeans.

Jericho is plunged into the thumb tacks through a power bomb and then a dirty deeds (done dirt cheap), riveting his body with thumb tacks. 69 thumb tacks, an improvement to the outfit I think.

Natalya – Oh Natalya, I think you are such a fab wrestler and your clothes are almost on point, but not quite.

I’m always amazed by female wrestlers outfits, they seem to defy gravity, not only are they executing some kick ass moves, but their tops (and bottoms) stay on, firmly, i’m not sure i’ve ever seen an accidental slipage of clothing (less often is the deliberate ripping off of clothes). My only conclusion is that they mush be wearing, a lot, of tit tape and they mush be fitted well. I’m also assuming that they are wearing flesh coloured tights to retain their modesty.

Natalya’s outfit is so nearly cool, it has shades of Chyna and of the Hart dynsty in it, but i can’t help be distrated by that seam. “Ask her, ask her!” (or as Tim says “Oscar, oscar!”) she shout and all I can look at is that seam thinking, couldn’t they have put that somewhere else?

And what was with that cape, I get it, Rick Flair and Charolotte have those big cloak things and it’s a nod to that, but why doesn’t it join in the middle, it has those wings just under her boobs that you can’t really see, it merges in to her underoutfit. Make a statement with the onsie or the coat, i don’t think the two work together.


Charlotte’s outfit seems to pull off the tribute in a much more glamourous manner and her tribute with her gloves works well. She sweeps in and dominates the room.

Dana Lynn dressed as Rick Flair, well that’s enough said on that one.

Roman Reigns – I wish they’d make him a heel. They need to do something, make him a Paul Heyman guy, or make him mean. Too many people have been burnt by the decisions the WWE has made with Roman Reigns. He was pushed to hard to soon, he hasn’t earned his way he has been bequethed it and that fans can see through this charade. Even he knows, you can see it in his face and he has become a little lack lustre in his performance.

I would love to see him done up as a Game of Thornes style character, maybe they could do this when they bring the Wyatts back, he pretty much looks like Jon Snow anyway and pulls off that man bun amazingly well. ALso, what’s with the wet hair? Why do so many male wrestlers seem to need to have wet hair before they, wrestle, now there is probably a valid reason but it looks weird.

AJ – styles sporting his usual get up, I like this style, fairly refined. None of this soaking wet hair business it looks like he’s used a hair dryer before he comes out on stage.

Lilian – embracing the trend of fringe fringe and fringe her general ensemble kicks ass, though I think she’s awesome so you know i’m bias. Managing to keep on trend without be too Cohcella she pulls off the thigh high boots. The emblazoned wings across her chest seems to be a theme in this pay per view, similar to Natalia. But in Lillian’s case they compliment the look adding some pizzazz



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